Thursday, May 30, 2013

Um... Yum, aka How I Made My Morning Yogurt Sinfully Delicious

Okay, so first off, I can't believe I forgot about Orson Welles' birthday! It's my national holiday! I actually went right by it without celebrating and I know that's why I've been having weirdly cinematic dreams... he's haunting me. 

That's right, Orson Welles is haunting my dreams. 

How do I celebrate this amazing man's birthday? With a cigar and copious amounts of drinking and womanizing people in the Sims. How else do you celebrate his birthday?  

The best picture of the great Orson Welles. 

So instead of celebrating when I should of, I will be celebrating tonight! Here's to you Orson! Thanks for Jane Eyre. 

But to the real point of this post. 

So I am head over heels for this new yogurt, called Liberté. It's originally from Canada and somehow it made it's way down here and OMG. It's amazing. If you hate yogurt, this is the yogurt for you. If you love yogurt, this is the yogurt for you. If you're swayed neither way... you guessed it.... this is the yogurt for you. 

Dear god is this stuff delish. 

It's a part of my morning ritual. I normally eat breakfast around 6 am, so by 10 am I'm starving, which is when I pop my Liberté out of the fridge and it keeps me full through till 1:30ish which is when I eat lunch. 

But lately, I have been eating dark chocolate like it's my job. I'm really digging the Hershey's special dark mix and the Ghiardelli Twilight Delight. So when it was time for my morning yogurt today, I was like... I wonder what would happen if I mixed them. 

So here's what you'll need to create a dark chocolate island temptation! 

Your Liberté Coconut Yogurt
2 Hershey's Special Dark Chocolates with Crisped Rice (it adds a great crunch)
A Sharp Knife
A Plate or Cutting Board, which I didn't have at work... 

I like a good santoku knife, which if you dont have, you need to get.
Those little pockets make all the difference when your doing quick chopping. 

Cut the chocolate into small toothsome pieces, I used kind of a shaving method/tiny dice method, which works great, but if you want more chunky pieces - do what you do! 

Then I dumped all of the chocolate into my yogurt and stirred it all together and boy was it amazing. Seriously... You could probably do this with your favorite coconut yogurt, but I'm biased, so use this one. Haha! Jokes! Use whatever one you buy, but just know that it wont taste as amazing as mine did.
This was gone in like 30 seconds flat. 

And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just seriously like their yogurt this much.

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