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Hey y'all! So in case you haven't picked up on it, I'm a native Texan who moved to Washington, DC about 13 years ago in order to learn how to be a politician.

About 3 months in I realized... I didn't want to be a politician.

So instead, I switched my major at American University to Anthropology, then Literature, and then finally Film! I have trouble making long-term commitment decisions, what do you want from me?

Nearly 10 years out of college, I think I'm kind of stuck here because I married a local retired legend from a certain 80s cover band, and you know - aside from the cold winter, it's not all that bad.

JR P.I and I are settled into our married life, and it's just peachy.

In my spare time, I play in the container garden I've created on the front porch of our condo, I spend a lot of time cooking "semi"-homemade meals, and hunting down new training classes, dog parks, and dog friendly locations for our little Shiba Inu, Nymeria and our Alaskan Klee Kai, Lady. You can follow their adventures over on Instagram -

You may be asking, what is the District of Y'allumbia? And that's a really great question... The District of Y'allumbia is a state of mind. It's my life as a small town Texan (let's hear a woop! woop! for China, TX) struggling in the big city. It's a little bit this, a lot of bit that, and a whole mess of everything!

I'll show you my latest food struggles. I'll tackle how to kill bugs in a garden. Proper naming tips for an AKC puppy, and sometimes I might just doll out a heaping handful of relationship advice, but overall you shouldn't expect the same things with every post, that way - I can't become pigeon-holed.

One of my favorite questions is, What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I grow up I want to become Bones from Star Trek, literally all I want to do is BE Bones. I want to get a free ride to travel around the universe and hang out with Captain Kirk and tell him all of the things he shouldn't do, while offering great one-liners and quizzacious sayings.

Seriously I think it could work...
DeForest Kelley

Karl Urban

Me! We could call me Leanora 'Bones' McCoy

I'm willing to go where no man has gone before - like the ladies' restroom during a menstruation convention!

But if that doesn't pan out - I want to become a professional memoirist... Seriously the stories I could tell. But until then, you can catch me here at!

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