Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where Have You Been!

Oh Goodness!!! SO much news!

So for starters, immediately after the last post, JR and I hightailed it for a week in Texas for him to meet all my friends and family out on the 'range.' I, of course, left my computer up in the Virginny so that I could rest and relax. Well... We were having just a rip-roarin' time that I'll be dagged if he didn't propose. (Shiz Son! - Sadie Sadie Soon-to-be married lady)

I said yes, because "hello have you met JR?" And we've been having a CRAZY, CRAZY last couple of months touring around planning the blessed nuptials, while also running around to some of our friends' weddings!

Don't fret though... I'm coming back shortly! Just planted our garlic for a "fall" crop and Tulips so that they can spring next spring!

Stay Thirsty My Friends,