Monday, May 27, 2013

The Great Memorial Day Plant Project (Part 1 of 2)

So I had quite a grand plan for all of the plants after the craptastic roofers destroyed all of my poor little babies. So JR P.I. and I went to the Home Depot first thing after work on Friday and replaced all the plants and bought quite a few new ones. 

You see on Friday I had this brilliant idea to really tie all the random pots on the patio together. I was going to PAINT THEM ALL. As you can see in the above picture we had already bought a turquoise patio table from Target about 2 months ago when we first got on the plant kick (by we - I mean I). So I thought OMG, WE NEED TO PAINT ALL THE POTS THAT COLOR. 

Then I was like that's a lot of turquoise... so... what goes with turquoise? Light purple of course! 

We literally spent all weekend spray-painting pots and replanting. There is a very unsightly spray-painted-turquoise-box right at JR's front door, because I'm just not the best spray painter. seriously. I once spray painted with two of my sisters in college in an enclosed basement, because ventilation just didn't dawn on us. We spent the next 30 minutes eating everything in my apartment and laughing uncontrollably (I'll let you surmise why). 

Miracle Grow - It's everywhere you want to grow!

Totally worth it though, because that ugly green color was not cutting it. I also really thought that it would just make our patio the best patio on the "block."

P.I. picked a peck of peppery pepper plants
And remember how I was talking about starting to grow peppers? Yep... We picked up pepper plants too! A cubanelle (totes excited about that one), a serrano, an anaheim, and a sweet banana pepper!

THEN on top of all of our plant buying we drove down to the Woodbridge Ikea and picked up a few of these bad boys. 

Oh? You're not intimately acquainted with the Ikea catalogue like myself? Well it's one of these!

Still confused? It's a stool!!! We literally drove 30 miles away to pick up 3 cheap-o (yet sturdy) stools, because everything was so expensive around town. 

JR and I put together two of these little stools so that the pepper plants were up off the porch and getting more light, because pepper plants need a heck of a lot of light. So these just got them right up off the porch, and I highly recommend them. They were only $6.99 at the Ikea. 

The two plants in the giant purple pot are what remains of my "Lisa" plant and the
destroyed marigolds courtesy of the roofers

See the pepper pot stays up on the top and the part-sun/no-sun plants go underneath. Some people might think it hides the Gerbers but I really think that when you're sitting down on the chaise lounge that you really can see everything. 

I'll show you more updates in the next post!

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