Monday, August 5, 2013

Reading all the Reads - Book Post

Since last I wrote about books, I had put a few on a summer reading list for all you lovely readers. Haven't quite made it to the ones on my list aside from "I Just Want to Pee Alone," by the Kick Ass Mommy Bloggers, and so far only 2 stories in, but they are just as hilarious as I imagined they would be!

Instead, I had heard about this book called, "Zoo," by Tara Elizabeth that was so far up my alley it surpassed all of the others. So after finishing "The Tenant at Wildfell Hall," I downloaded "Zoo" to my Kindle App and started devouring it. Finished it in 5 hours - not joking.

You see readers, I love and adore all things dystopian, I finished all of the Hunger Games books in 13 hours. Yes. That's right I read three books in 13 hours. (We're not talking about how long it took me to finish 'Tenant' - high English is just so rough to speed through!).

But "Zoo," "Zoo" is a winner.

It's the story of Emma, who in 2013 died in a horrible car crash, while texting - of course, only to wake up in the early 23rd century to find herself stuck in a people Zoo. The idea is that in the future, after WWIII, all of the world's peoples unite to form one world. This one world slowly changes the ideas of culture and self identity until the point that cultures no longer exist.

The heads of state essentially realize that without culture - people lose the beautiful things of the world like art, literature, music, and languages. So they require that when you turn 18 you identify yourself with a culture from the past, which you can study - by going to a People's Past Anthropological Center aka... People Zoo, which is where Emma finds herself.

This book has some great twists, turns, and definitely some movie potential. Touted as book #1 of The Enclosure Chronicles, Elizabeth seems to be promising some more titles down the road with similar story lines. Hopefully they come out soon, because I'm eager to see where she takes us!

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