Thursday, February 21, 2013


So unless you're not like me and pay attention to every birth at the Smithsonian National Zoo, then you're aware that in December a 6-year-old Andean Bear mom gave birth to a pair of Over-BEARingly adorable cubs.

You can read the story here.

But what really hit home as I was reading the details on the cute cubby-wubbies, I saw an all too familiar photo.

LoRo, just waking up.


Dear Readers, this photo is an exact copy of what I look like in the morning. I always use to say I looked like a bat out of hell, but now I can amend my analogy to an Andean Bear Cub on his first vet appointment. 

Because let's be really really real, ya'll that cub does NOT look happy to be there. And I am never a happy camper when I have to get up for the morning.

I will however be quite the happy camper when these bear cubs come out in the spring, how could I say no to visiting such adorabears!

You want me to pee in WHAT?!

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