Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh 2014 Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions...

Last year I resolved to only drink soda/alcohol once a month through the first 6 months and then only soda once a month through the last 6 months.

What did I learn?

One... Goodbye tolerance... hello hangovers.
Two... I prefer soda to alcohol. Seriously there is something so satisfying about the smooth twang of liquid brown velvet sweeping down my tongue. When I had the choice of cheating on alcohol or soda for the month, I usually spent my one "bad for me drink" on soda.
Three... I fell off the horse there at the end I drank probably 4/5 sodas in November and December, but you know what... that's a LOT less than I could say about drinking soda pop from last year.
Four... I learned the key to moderation with beverages. This one is definitely the most valuable. Don't get me wrong I love soda pop, and I enjoy drinking margaritas, but my wallet and my waste-line probably survived better this year without me enjoying them every-time I went to a Mexican Restaurant.
Five... I will sustain this limited soda/alcohol drinking through this year... This time we're just going to let me have one alcohol beverage and one soda a week. No use is punishing myself.

SO for my New Year Resolutions.

I will exercise (UGH GAG VOM - MAKE IT STOPPPPP!!!!). I'm not talking running a mile or anything, but I will at least make the block and do some cardio. I can do that... I think.
I will write more. I need to start writing some books and scripts... my creative juices are not flowing like they used to.


Okay that was exhausting.

Happy New Years and Hope you all make some great Resolutions!

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